WK 15 – Art Experience – My Possible Careers

For this week we get to think about what we are going to do after we get out of school. I like to think of what life might be life after school is done since school has been my life for several years now. For my three possible future, I choose A Dancer, An event planner,  and A Nutritionist.

A career I am working towards now: A Dancer

As a dancer my job would start slow, I would be freelancing, working at Disney and getting small musical theater gigs. As I work as a professional dancer, I would gain more credibility after about 3 years. I would then sign with an agent and start getting bigger gigs till I finally joined a union around my 4th year as a professional dancer. At year 5 I would move to NYC to work as a dancer on Broadway and be in the hit musical of the year. After retiring as a professional dancer, I would become a director or head choreographer for musicals on Broadway and maybe win a Tony.

Image result for A male dancer

A career that I have thought about pressuring (and still am thinking about pursuing): An Event Planer

As an event planner, I would start working at a company as an intern as I gain knowledge of how to efficiently plan events. As I intern, I would get my certification in event planning at CSULB. After years with the company and working my way up to being in charge of events I would get promoted to work some of the biggest events around like Pride, the white party and more. The one I felt conferrable I would leave the company to start my own event planning business and call it NLM event planning services.

Image result for An event planner

A career my boyfriend thinks I might be good at:  A Nutritionist

With this job, I would go back to school and get my masters in Helth science with a focus on nutrition. I would then travel all over the states giving lectures on how to eat well and not become fat. I would then land a huge job with a nutrition company and just teach classes at high school and colleges about healthy living.

Image result for a male nutritionist


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