Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For my Art Care Package (ACP), I decided to send it to my 22-year-old boyfriend! We have been dating for a couple of months and decided to create the ACP around the idea of my life.  I sent him articles from the regular newspaper and also the Daily 49er that I really enjoyed reading or was intrigued by. I also sent him one of my favorite books and a notebook full of notes from a class that contained a lot of doodles. I did this because I wanted to show my boyfriend some parts of me that he may not know about me.

When relating this activity to snap chat, I think that it is similar. You’re sending a message about yourself through the mail instead of sending it through a text or app on our phones. Sending an ACP is also more personal because you are sending it to a particular person, where on snap chat you can send the same phone to a particular group of individuals on your snap chat or can put it on your story and show everyone who wishes to look at it.


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