Wk3 -Artist Conversation- La Rosa

Artist: La Rosa


Media: Photos, Paint, Intalations, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB Galiries


Instagram: @larosa.artist


About the Artist:

The artist La Rosa is part of the School of Art at California State University, Long Beach,  earning his Bachelor’s of Arts in Studio Art. He is currently 20 years old and is a third year at the University. He enjoys studying art, and he focuses a lot of his time in painting and drawing, as that is his favorite type of art to create.

Formal Analysis:

La Rosa’s Exhibit used different forms of media with a central concept that all the works related to. He uses photography, Paint, Drawing, Installation throughout the exhibit, he also uses several mediums at once to create a cohesive work. La Rosa also tends to use bright and vibrant colors with his pieces of work. Lots of his works tend to include the frame into the artwork creating a boundless piece of work that couple possible have no end.

Content Analysis:

When talking to La Rosa, he knows what his intention was. He wanted to create works of art around the concepts of the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the perspective youth. He uses the emotion of love for some of his works of art. I can imagine he does this because almost everyone goes through falling in love and having your heart broken. La Rosa Talked about how he Uses the idea of difficult/ different love and how even that can still be beautiful.

My Experience:

When I first got to La Rosas work, I feel in love. I am drawn to bright colors and to work that is pretty. His work is colorful, and I like the way he looks at the world, and how he understands emotions. One of my favorite works was his blue rose that was so cool in color, but dynamic in the way he drew/ painted the rose. I also enjoyed the use of making the frames part of the work. When talking to him, I could completely see where his concept was in work and, I could understand it and make it my own.



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